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Welcome to Geo-Tech Products. We are manufacturers and wholesalers of Cast Iron, Bronze, and Aluminum castings and other Steel products.

We manufacture various types of snow guards, slate cutters, slate hammers, slate rippers and other miscellaneous products.

During winter, snow/ice can be a major threat to plants, shrubbery and other objects beneath the edge of a roof. As accumulated snow/ice begins to melt and falls from rooftops, it becomes a hazard to any objects in its path. Our snow guards prevent the formation of ice dams on eaves and protect the surface below the eaves from damage due to falling snow/ice. Snow guards hold the snow evenly over the entire roof, allowing it to melt gradually and drain off into gutters and leaders

Our snow guards come in various styles and have been quality tested for exceptional endurance. They are especially designed to meet the tough tests of the winter climate. In addition, they have an excellent appearance which adds to the presentation of the dwelling on which they are installed.

At Geo-Tech Products, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with quality products at reasonable prices. We keep almost all of your products in stock to properly serve our customers.


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